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Environmental Solutions

At Capital Paper, we believe “Going Green” is the right choice for every business, so now we want to make it the easy choice for your business. Try our Going Green Program and Capital Paper will provide your business with:

Environmental Information and Options

Information and options on all products that best suit your environmental needs and goals.

Current Waste Facility Standards in Your Area

Updated information on current products being accepted at waste facilities in your area to ensure your goals are attainable and ultimately reached.

On-site Survey and Evaluations, Product Demonstrations, Specific Training Needs

Capital Paper will also provide an on-site survey to understand any specific challenges or any specific training needs regarding all our green products.Included with all our green products are any necessary product demonstrations, all product literature, brochures and manuals.

A Final Green Solutions Package That Meets Your Goals

Let’s work together to reduce your environmental footprint – without increasing your bottom line.

Start “Going Green” today for tomorrow.
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